Salmon in the Classroom

Thanks to the enthusiasm of local teachers and neighboring conservation district staff, South Yakima Conservation District is able to sponsor several fish tanks at our local schools. The tanks allow grade school children to rear baby salmon in the classroom during the winter and release them in late spring into the Yakima River.

Schools participating in “Salmon in the Classroom" during the 2017-2018 school year include Outlook Elementary, Pioneer Elementary, Sunnyside Christian Elementary, and Sunnyside Christian High School.

242 students attended “Salmon Summit" to release their salmon at the Yakama Nation Prosser Hatchery on various dates in May. Several classes participated in salmon anatomy lessons and field trip special activities when they released the fish.

Program elements include tank loan and set-up, supplies, 24/7 technical support, teacher training, coordination of fish permits, loan of educational materials, volunteer recruitment and coordination, classroom presentations and field trips.

Rachel Little, fisheries biologist with Benton Conservation District, teaches lessons in the schools about salmon, helps the teachers operate the tanks, and organizes the salmon release field day.

For more information contact Rachel Little with Benton Conservation District