Conservation Tillage NO-Till Drill

For Lease: This drill is intended for seeding directly into existing pastures/crop fields. A charge of $7.50 per acre + $100 refundable damage deposit is required.

The drill is extremely popular during spring and fall, so call early to reserve it.

A standard 2” ball is needed to haul it behind a pickup. You will need a 40-50 hp tractor to pull the drill and a Class 2 hitch for your tractor’s three-point connection. This drill is not appropriate for use in rocky ground.

Call 509-829-9025 to schedule.

Switching from conventional tillage to no-till can save about 3.5 gallons of fuel per acre. It also reduces erosion, optimizes soil moisture, and improves water quality by keeping topsoil and nutrients out of the creeks, streams, and irrigation return drain ditches.

We now have a new 10' 
Great Plains No-Till Drill.
The row spacing is 7 1/2" with the ability to plant three different seeds (small seeds, native grass seeds, and regular seeds) at one time. Each seed box has it's own meter for accurate seeding rates.

It's equipped with fluted coulters to slice residue and loosen compacted soil; double disk openers to create the perfect seed trench; a T-handle depth control with 18 settings for the precise depth; and 3"X13" press wheel.

The drill has safety lighting for a high level of visibility and safety during transport.

The rental rate for the Great Plains drill is $15 per acre plus a $200 refundable deposit.