Cost Share

Conservation Districts offer “cost-share” as an incentive for landowners to install eligible conservation projects. Cost-share means a landowner pays a portion of a project’s total cost – the remaining portion is paid by the conservation district. This incentive increases landowner interest and participation in conservation work.

Are you interested in converting your irrigation system from rill to sprinkler or drip irrigation? Or installing a manure transfer pipeline, or other qualifying practice? Depending on funding, we can reimburse landowners for the implementation of these and other on-farm projects that improve water and soil quality.

Cost-share is provided to landowners implementing best management practices (BMPs) designed to protect water and soil quality, control the impacts of livestock nutrients on the environment or other potential resource concerns.  Projects are ranked according to the water quality, soil & water savings and other resource concerns.

Depending on the project and if funding is available, eligible projects can be reimbursed at up to 50% of the total project cost.

To apply for or discuss your project cost share options, please contact our office for more information.

Rill/Ditch Irrigation

Drip Irrigation

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