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Dirk Van Slageren


Javier Lopez

Vice Chairman

Janelle Moses


Ky Shinn


Jeff Geertsma



Rodney Heit

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Javier has served on the South Yakima Conservation District (SYCD) beginning as an Associate Supervisor in 2015 and now representing the SYCD Board as Vice Chair. In 2017, Javier was elected as South Central Area Director for the Washington Association of Conservation Districts (WACD) and recently elected as Vice President of WACD. Javier is a Certified Crop Adviser and works as an Agronomist in the Yakima Valley. He specializes in the areas of Irrigation Water Management, Dairy Nutrient Management and Crop Nutrition. When not working on SYCD or WACD business, you can find Javier in his own fields farming fresh vegetables for local Farmers Markets. Javier holds a Master in Business Administration and a Bachelor of Science in Agriculture Economics with emphasis in Animal Science. Javier has three children ages 15, 12 & 3. 

 Owner and operator of Holy Cow Grass fed Beef and Pork, a family farm located in the Yakima Valley. Janelle understands the importance of raising animals the right way, outdoors on pasture or range and the many benefits this provides the animals the consumers and the environment. Janelle is proud that her animals are fed Certified Organic feed from crops grown on her farm and that her Farm is an Animal Welfare Approved (AWA) certified, raised and handled establishment, and is the highest standard issued in the United States.  Janelle has been on the Board of Directors for South Yakima Conservation District since 2012, her knowledge of animals, forage crops and farming continue to make her a valuable resource to South Yakima Conservation District and the Community as a whole.

Giving Back
We are all part of life’s cycles of giving and receiving.  I believe that by engaging with my community, I bring joy back into my own life. Try it! Grow some food this summer, taste Mother Nature’s produce and share with others!     

Ky Shinn is a fourth Generation Farmer in the Lower Yakima Valley, He is owner of Rafter S Ranches LLC., and Vice President of Shinn and Son Inc.  Ky and his family farm over fifty three hundred (5,300) acres of Corn, Mint, Hops Hay and Beef Cattle. Ky Shinn joined the South Yakima Conservation District in 2018.

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I consider the Yakima Valley my home and have been here most of my life. I started Farming in 1997 but grew up farming in the valley and worked on numerous farms while attending school. I was Co-Owner, Field Manager and Vice President of Sage Earth Sciences, Inc. 1992-2015. I have a variety of field experience in farming, geology, hydrogeology, paleontology, environmental studies, business management, Phase I, II & III environmental audits, closure site assessments, soil and groundwater monitoring well installation, remediation and reporting. A few of my duties included managing site assessors, analytical laboratories, engineering firms, remediation contractors, drilling contractors, earthworks contractors etc.

I Joined the South Yakima Conservation District Team in December 2016 and enjoy working alongside producers, landowners and potential current and future partners with the Conservation District. My wife and I spend most of our spare time working our eight acre fruit orchard near Zillah and 20 acres of forest land near Goldendale. I enjoy hunting, fishing, camping and spending time with family and friends. My family includes my parents, one daughter, two brothers’ two sisters and numerous nieces and nephews. With a large family there is rarely a dull moment, and that’s how it should be.

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